Due to the horrific Covid 19 situation many of my arrangements have been cancelled in 2020. One performance and two groupshows. Auch. Knowing that many artists and artinstitutions accross the world suffer too, not only from the pandemenia, but also financially, my thoughts go to all of you. I truly hope you are all healthy and safe.

I live in Denmark, and our government were quick to action. At this date we have been in lockdown for two months. During the first couple of weeks I was walking as a zombie. I think I was in a state of chock. I could not think. I could not paint. I could not write.

Slowly I found my way to our dining table. And then I started to draw. One paper after the other, I made my way through the white landscape. It brought me back to my grandmothers kitchen being a child. Mentally I think it was due to the world situation, I simply needed my safe place, combined with a feeling of having all the time in the world to do what ever I pleased.

How many hours have I not been sitting at my grandmothers drawing while she was cooking. Many!

Despite the horrible situation it has been nice to reconnect to that aspect of creating again. Having been a professional artist for ten years, I can forget the simple joy and innocence of creating.

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