Since 2010, Mia-Nelle has embarked on an artistic journey.
Over the years, she has demonstrated unparalleled productivity and an insatiable curiosity to explore new works and expressions. Although her creativity has plunged into a motley palette of artistic disciplines, painting has always served as the undisputed center. As Mia-Nelle herself expresses it, she sees everything she creates as a painting, regardless of whether it manifests itself as an installation, a drawing, a performance or a sculpture. Each of these works of art is constructed with a sublime fusion of colors, narratives and form that together weaves a narratively woven symphony.

Even in her texts, Mia-Nelle displays a writing style that creates images and images that anchor themselves deeply in the viewer’s imagination. Her stories are like paintings in words, and they invite us to dive into a world of deep meanings and surreal statements.

On this website we present a sample of the production that Mia-Nelle has created in her artistic odyssey. The works are organized by medium, although the artist often combines different media in complex installations.

Mia-Nelle’s works are an invitation to explore the incredible intersection where colors, narratives and form merge and open the door to an artistic world that is deeply rooted in a spiritual vision. Here you are invited to experience an artistic universe that radiates experimentation and a love for the painterly expression in any form it may take.



Every form is the delimitation of a surface by another one; it possesses an inner content, the effect it produces on one who looks at it attentively. This inner necessity is the right of the artist to unlimited freedom, but this freedom becomes license if it is not founded on such a necessity.



All the sculptures in this collection are crafted from recycled materials, transforming them into an array of organic forms. These sustainable creations not only breathe new life into discarded elements but also serve as a canvas for intricate patterns and mythological motifs, adorning their surfaces with stories and symbols waiting to be discovered.



Drøschler’s alter egos are not mere characters; they are intricate facets of her artistic identity. Each one holds a piece of her personal narrative, and she brings these fragments to life through her mesmerizing performances. The narratives she weaves in these auto-biographical fiction readings are both intimate and universal, allowing the audience to connect with her on a profound level.



Drøschler invites us to embark on a journey into the depths of the human experience, where the black and white drawings, the colorful tarot-like watercolors, and the collage-like compositions serve as portals to the uncharted territories of the subconscious and the spiritual internal life.



Mia-Nelle Drøschler’s wall paintings serve as a testament to her profound connection with the places she paints, the vibrant colors of her imagination, and the unrelenting passion that fuels her work. This collection presents a selection of wall paintings in public spaces and inside museums and galleries.



For the past 13 years, Drøschler’s works have been installed at galleries, museums, and artist-run spaces throughout Denmark, Germany and Britain. This collection features a curated selection of her installations, encompassing both solo exhibitions and group shows, showcasing her diverse artistic journey.