Since 2010, Mia-Nelle has exhibited at a number of art venues, galleries and museums. Paintings, sculpture, performances and drawings have been shown in scenegraphic installations, or in minimalistic setting of ‘the white cube’. Strong colour and high volume are a coherent expression throughout all the work.


Although her creativity has plunged into a motley palette of artistic disciplines, painting has always served as the undisputed center. As Mia-Nelle herself expresses it, she sees everything she creates as a painting, regardless of whether it manifests itself as an installation, a drawing, a performance or a sculpture.


These sculptures, meticulously fashioned from recycled materials such as paper and glue, take on an organic and nature-inspired quality. Mia-Nelle infuses each piece with patterns and motifs drawn from mythology, reflecting her extensive engagement with art history and the way civilizations have, over the ages, harnessed artifacts to connect with profound spiritual dimensions.


Mia-Nelle possesses an ability to transform herself into various alter egos, often as part of a performance where she dons elaborate costumes and reads thought-provoking texts. These performances are sometimes incorporated into her art installations, creating a fascinating blend of storytelling, visual art, and immersive experiences for the audience.


Drøschler’s wall paintings are more than just artistic expressions; they are a harmonious blend of history, culture, and her own unique vision. Figurative elements drawn from the local area are seamlessly incorporated into her motifs, creating a dialogue between her work and the geographical context.