It all began with my drawing.

I remember the first time I discovered that I could transfer what I saw to the paper.
I was a child and I was reading a graphic novel. Without giving it too much thought
I started to draw the characters. To my surprise it looked like the ones I was looking
at in the graphic novel!

Soon I started to draw even more, I attending drawing classes, and the drawing
became my secret ‘get away’.

When I started addressing the painting in a more serious matter, I never took in the
figurative drawing directly in my paintings. Paintings were about color and expression,
and my drawing were my ‘safezone’, the place where I did not have to perform to any

Interestingly, I never showed any of my drawings to my tutors at art college. Not that I
did not believe in my drawings, they were my sacred place, and I wanted them totally
uninterrupted by others perception.

Now it is different. I share them alongside my other artworks.

I am very grateful for all the attention my drawings receive get. Secretly I smile when people
say: Oh, so you draw as well? As I actually have been drawing every day for the past 34 years.

Please see an archive of my drawings here: