With the image as a bridge (MOROSUM)

With the image as a bridge (MOROSUM)

Dronninglund Artcentre (DK)
May 9 – July 7, 2021

Jean Moreaux and Else Raasum in dialogue with 2021 Participating artists: Mia Nelle Drøschler – Camilla Skov – Clara Reeh – Rasmus Styrmer – Amanda Monceau – Jonas Pihl – Emilie Tarp Østengård – Meik Brüsch A retrospective exhibition about the Danish / French artist couple Else Raasum (1942-2017) and Jean Moreaux (1938-2001). We show a large and versatile artistic production, a common, uncompromising life, dedicated to art, and 50 years of art history characterized by colorful and spontaneous creative joy. We have invited eight contemporary artists to enter into dialogue with different eras and styles in the lives of artists. At the same time, there will be side by side with Raasum’s and Moreaux’s works, so that inspiration and dialogue can be identified by the audience. Our wish is that a bridge is built between then and now and that Raasum’s and Moreaux’s very different forms can be experienced as a current source of inspiration that optimally sets aside a “then” and a “now” in favor of a common artistic starting point.

Curator: Connie Boe Boss

Thorup Hedevej 1 9330 Dronninglund

Opening hours
Tuesday – Friday, 1pm – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday, 11am – 5 pm

See more: www. dronninglund-kunstcenter.dk/morosum/