Performance and solo exhibition at Eksrummet (DK) 2022

Mia-Nelle Drøschler’s art exhibition was a captivating transformation of the artist-run space, Eksrummet, nestled in the heart of Copenhagen. Within this unique showcase, Drøschler masterfully converted the gallery into a total art installation, seamlessly merging various artistic elements to create an immersive experience for visitors.

The central piece of this artistic endeavor was a scenegraphic gesture, where Drøschler ingeniously incorporated an assortment of paintings, sculptures, and found objects into a meticulously designed setting. This fusion of diverse art forms allowed the audience to step into a surreal and imaginative world, where the boundaries between visual art, sculpture, and found objects blurred into one another.

What set this exhibition apart from the conventional art displays was the introduction of Drøschler’s intriguing alter ego, Vera. Vera, portrayed as a medium with a compelling aura, added an enigmatic layer to the experience. Through a combination of her ‘third eye’ insights and the mystic symbolism of tarot cards, Vera conducted readings that resonated with the visitors on a profound level. Her presence and readings invited the audience to explore the intersections of reality and the unknown, creating an atmosphere brimming with mystique and curiosity.

Drøschler’s artistic approach effectively challenged the traditional boundaries between theater, visual art, and literature. This exhibition demanded of its audience not just passive observation, but active engagement and contemplation. In the intimate confines of Eksrummet, Drøschler urged visitors to navigate and experience a myriad of artistic expressions in a limited space, defying the constraints of a conventional gallery setting.

In Mia-Nelle Drøschler’s exhibition, art transcended its usual confines, leaving visitors with a lasting impression of a space where reality, imagination, and the supernatural converged in a harmonious and thought-provoking manner. The artist’s ability to transport her audience into this multifaceted world where art and mysticism intertwined demonstrated her exceptional talent and ingenuity in the realm of contemporary art.