Greenhouse at Sophienholm

Mia-Nelle Drøschler elevated the flower painting genre to new heights with her groundbreaking project. She crafted three exquisite paintings designed for installation within a greenhouse, transforming the entire experience into a harmonious fusion of art and nature. The meticulous arrangement of the setting served as a testament to the seamless union of these two realms, showcasing how flower painting can transcend its traditional boundaries and convey a profound sense of femininity and sensory richness. In her work, Mia-Nelle pushed the boundaries of conventional art by allowing it to bloom within the embrace of the natural world, thereby invoking a captivating and sensorial connection that redefined the genre.

Valmuen / 150 cm x 130 cm / Oil and acrylic on canvas / 2019
Flowers / 160 cm x 150 cm / Oil on canvas / 2019