The Forest Within

The Forest Within
Solo exhibition
ARCH 402 Gallery


ARCH402 is delighted to present the first solo show in England by Danish artist Mia-Nelle Drøschler. She graduated from Goldsmiths in 2010. Soon after her degree show Drøschler travelled to the remote rainforest in Borneo, where she for days went trekking to experience the overwhalming chaos of the nature. It became a turning point in her paintings.

Drøschler has an interest in the subconscious mind and psychology. In the rainforest she discovered a poetic approach to the choice of motifs, and created a new body of work returned to her studio in London, which are now on display in the gallery.

Archetypes, symbolic motifs of exotic animals, plants and landscapes are now the narrative to an inner landscape.

The show is kindly supported by The Danish Art Council and The British Art Council.