The doors are closed and we open up

The performative reading occurred at the Danish National Museum for a gathering of their staff. The performance drew inspiration from the recent Covid-related lockdown. Mia-Nelle invited musician Martin Klingman to accompany her reading by playing his guitar. Being American, Martin did not comprehend the Danish language, and nothing was rehearsed; both artists were unaware of each other’s actions. This unscripted collaboration served as a poignant gesture, illustrating how everyone had experienced isolation in their homes during the lockdown and was now striving to discover a new rhythm together.

During her reading, Mia-Nelle recounted her personal journey within the Danish National Museum. She shared how, in a moment of feeling lost, the only solace she found was within the documentation of a cave painting. Ultimately, her narrative led her to describe an evocative scene where she metaphorically crawled into the mouth of an ancient female skeleton, a powerful expression of her experience.

Photographer: Trine Berg