I am over the moon to have received a residency at The Danish Workshop later this year. (Statens Værksteder for kunst) The plan is to create a new series of large scale abstract paintings. Thank you so much for your support.

As a female artist working with abstract expressionism, I have a perspective and approach that reflects my personal experiences and artistic visions. I have chosen to work with large-scale paintings to invite the viewer to engage with my work on a visceral level. My paintings are not only about aesthetic beauty or technical mastery, but about exploring the complexity of human existence, the depth of emotions and the power of unconscious sin.
Working with abstract expressionism thus gives me the opportunity to break free from the limitations of traditional representational art, which is why my paintings are not bound by specific narratives or subjects, but they represent the raw and unfiltered expression of my own innermost thoughts and feelings.

I see the large, gestural brushstrokes that are characteristic of my paintings as a representation of the body in motion. Associated with the movement, I investigate the physical by engaging with the canvas in order to create a deeper connection between myself and the canvas in this way.

Spirituality is another important theme. Following many artists within abstract expressionism, I see my work as a form of spiritual practice that can transcend the material world.
In summary, I explore a connection with the subconscious mind, body and spirituality in various ways. I suggest that tapping into my subconscious mind and engaging physically with my paintings can create works that are more authentic and meaningful.