My book ‘Learn how to paint’ is published at the Danish publisher Muusmann.
The book guides the reader trough the proces of painting.
It is a carefully and detailed designed making it easy to both read and use.
I am very proud of this book as I have wanted to write it for years. It was not till lockdown due to Covid-19 that I took the time to write it. It is a manifestation of my years in teaching in fine art as well as my own practice as a professional artist.

There are three chapters in the book.

In the first chapter I describe my own method in painting consisting of five steps:

1. Paint the background on the canvas
2. Make a sketch
3. Mix colors
4. Transfer sketch to canvas
5. Paint

The method forces the painter to make a number of crucial decisions before paintings. Those a crucial as painting is about making decisions. When we do that step by step it not only a lot more fun but does also make the proces of painting far more smoothly and direct.

In the second chapter I share all the basic materials for both acrylic painting and oil painting.

And in the final chapter 40 painting exercises are listed as it was for a recipe in a cookbook.

The book is also illustrated by myself.

I hope you will enjoy it.