My roots

My Roots In Growth
Sophienholm 2016

Photographer: Alice Hjorth

“My Roots In Growth” is a captivating wall painting created by the renowned artist, Drøschler. This unique artwork is a temporary installation, exclusively on display during the exhibition period, and subsequently erased from existence. The piece is an evocative exploration of themes relating to the artist’s fascination with humanity’s existence, accompanied by a subtle spiritual undertone.

The central motif of the wall painting is a magnificent arrangement of giant flowers, carefully rendered with vibrant colors and intricate details. Standing tall at the pinnacle of this floral tapestry is a mesmerizing kingfisher, captivating the viewer’s attention with its grace and vivid plumage. The kingfisher represents a symbolic presence, perhaps serving as a metaphor for the fragility and transience of life.

Contrasting this awe-inspiring display, the opposite wall presents a traditional painting showcasing a demon-like creature. This portrayal, according to Drøschler, serves as a reminder that the devil lurks over humanity’s shoulder, observing their every move, while they yearn for paradise. This juxtaposition of beauty and darkness creates a powerful narrative within the artwork, challenging viewers to contemplate the dualities inherent in the human experience.

Drøschler’s deliberate decision to limit the artwork’s visibility to the exhibition period adds an intriguing layer of temporality to the piece. Once the exhibition is taken down, “My Roots In Growth” ceases to exist physically, preserved only in the memories of those who experienced it. This intentional impermanence forces the audience to confront the fleeting nature of art, as well as the impermanence of life itself.

With “My Roots In Growth,” Drøschler explores the depth of human existence, blending elements of spirituality and symbolism. The artwork’s ephemeral nature serves as a testament to the artist’s vision, embracing the idea that profound experiences can be cherished within the realms of memory and imagination. Through this captivating display, Drøschler invites viewers to reflect upon their own roots, growth, and the interplay between the seen and the unseen, leaving an indelible mark on their artistic journey.