my dreams performance


Immersed within a scenographic painting installation, the world transformed into a vibrant canvas of color and imagination. Every surface was adorned with layers of paint, an explosion of hues that awakened the senses. Paintings adorned the walls, their brushstrokes capturing emotions and stories waiting to be told. Amidst this captivating environment, a table was meticulously set, inviting guests to partake in a whimsical tea party.

The table, adorned with cups and plates, served as a focal point amidst the artistic chaos. Yet, nestled among the porcelain and silverware, an assortment of sculptures stood as silent companions, adding a touch of intrigue and unexpectedness to the scene.

For a span of five days, this immersive world became the stage for a captivating performance. Clad in the guise of one of my alter egos, I embarked on a 30-minute reading performance that would unfold before the eyes of those fortunate enough to witness it. But this performance had a twist—it was not just for the audience’s consumption, but for the fictional sister who shared the stage with me.

As the reading commenced, my words filled the air, recounting tales of a longing that lay deep within me—a desire to be a princess, to dwell in the enchanting embrace of a castle’s embrace. Each word carried the weight of my yearning, spoken aloud for my sister’s ears to hear. Yet, to my surprise, her reaction was not one of admiration or understanding, but annoyance.

Her irritation with my dreams of royalty became apparent, her frustration palpable as I delved further into the depths of my whimsical desires. The contrast between her annoyance and my unabashed yearning created an intriguing dynamic, highlighting the complexities and tensions that can arise within familial relationships.

Through this performance, the boundaries between reality and fiction blurred. The alter ego I embodied was a manifestation of my own desires and aspirations, while my fictional sister symbolized the external world’s resistance to such fantastical dreams. The interplay between these two characters offered a nuanced exploration of the human condition—the struggle between the longing for escapism and the limitations imposed by societal expectations.

As the reading performance reached its conclusion, the audience was left contemplating the delicate balance between dreams and reality, the inherent tension that arises when personal desires clash with societal norms. The scenographic painting installation, the arranged table, and the sculptures served as visual anchors, grounding the ephemeral performance in a tangible world of imagination and self-expression.

The echoes of the performance lingered, etching themselves into the minds of those fortunate enough to bear witness. The interplay of emotions, the clash between longing and frustration, invited introspection and reflection, challenging viewers to confront their own suppressed dreams and the complexities of familial dynamics.

In the end, this art performance transcended the boundaries of paint and sculpture, delving deep into the realm of emotions and aspirations. It was a testament to the transformative power of art, a reminder of the universality of our desires, and the intricacies that weave the tapestry of our human experience.

Inside a scenegraphic painting installation covered all surfaces in paint, and installed paintings on the wall, and arranged a table set for a tea party. In between cups and plates a number of sculptures were arranged. Over a period of five days I performed a 30 minutes reading performance dressed as one of my alter egos. My fictional sister performed with me, it was for her I did the reading. She got very annoyed with me, as I read about my longing to be a princess on a castle.

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