As I am writing this post a selection of my artwork is on display in group shows in a Copenhagen based gallery and two Danish Museums. It is a blessing to have my artwork shown among great artists in wonderful venues. But there are no one to visit. All doors are closed, the COVID-19 lockdown continues why not only these venues, but most cultural venues across the planet right now is closed to the public.

I have been angry, afraid and frustrated. It is such hard work to be chosen to go into the shows, it is years of preparation and I have been very proud to show some of my most recent abstract paintings and large scale drawings.

However, now I feel a bit differently. Mainly because I have fully accepted the situation, and because I do not wish to risk the audience nor the people working in the venues to be effected by the virus. I mean, it can potentially kill! It is more important to be safe, and then open the doors once we again can move around safely.

So, what have I been up to?

Well, as many others I have been isolated. I spend most of my days at home writing and drawing. I enjoy the slowness, and to actually spend loads of time at home. Normally I use my own home as the main station in Copenhagen, running in and out to catch the next project. But now I am waiting. It is like sitting in a waiting room, and despite being tired of reading the old magazines all over again, then I find more levels in both my writing and drawings. Also, I have decided to move to the countryside to be closer to nature. A decision I may not have dared to take if the virus had not taken over most of the world.

ISOLA – a solo show in a digital museum

I am also working on a digital project with an architect who came up with the brilliant idea to design a museum building, so now it looks like I have a solo show in a brand new museum! The show is called ISOLA and will be launched mid February 2021. I will keep you posted on when the private view which will take, but for this one I know it will happen, as it will all be online and on Zoom.

Time to look back

An other great achievement from my sofa is to go through my archive of material. I graduated in 2010 and it is all saved in one folder. Yes. I kid you not. It is very nostalgic to go through it all, and to see how much I have developed and experimented over the years. I will always be curious on my own, and am proud that I constantly push my own artworks in new directions as these create deeper layers in both form and content.

I am a mind traveller, which is useful in these times, as I can travel far in my mind. However, it does feel a bit like the documentation from my performance Haunted (2019) as seen below.

I am stuck
Please get me out of here

Stay safe out there.
This too shall pass.

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