Sketches for a dream’ can and must be understood on many different levels. It can be both personal or collective sketches of small or big dreams. Utopias. Delusions. Nightmare. Fantasies. Realistic sketches and unreal dreams.

In this way, the sketch contains the starting point itself, the first thought that wanders, and which the subsequent work will use as its benchmark and direction. A sketch can be anything. Thoughts, cues, accumulations, rules, clippings, leg braces, diary, dream with open or closed eyes.

The exhibition format allows each artist to participate with a sketch in any material no larger than A3, which can be hung with a paper clip or a single nail, directly on the wall.

The exhibition is curated by Marie Bancks and Tomas Lagermand Lundme. We have invited 27 artists who work very differently, and that in itself helps to underline the idea behind Muusmanns, which with the exhibition here, also opens as an exhibition platform, which in the future will be a gathering place for exhibitions, readings, lectures, performances, receptions etc. Hanne Muusmann, who is behind the place, has for many years run her publishing house from the same address, and in the future Hanne Muusmann and artist Marie Bancks will run Muusmanns in close collaboration.

The exhibition is open Mondays-Thursdays 10am -3pm and Fridays 12am-5pm. and by appointment with Marie or Hanne.
contact:, Tel 26647145