Only few days after I launched my new online shop on this website I was hacked. It felt awful. I only realized it after receiving a number of emails from my newsletter readers who I just sent a campaign about my, well, what I thought was my online shop but now was a number of links to naked ladies. (A clever artist friend kindly asked if I had changed my expression as an artist… )

No need to express the stress it has been. I was hoping to gain some sales as it is December AND new. But many clearly got scared and have signed out of the newsletter platform and I wonder if they will be back.

I know it is part of the online life. Few months ago my Facebook was also hacked why I am not on that platform anymore. A shame. I had 5000 followers.

Knowing that the owner is the same on Instagram then it is my main platform now hoping to grow my audience to share my art and writing.

This website is now safe and secure. SiteLock is monitoring the site on a daily basis and it is now totally safe to buy and look at the website.

I hope you will.

It has been a long way coming but is here to stay.

Yours sincerely,