Today I have been in Rome for 25 days staying at the Danish Institute. I am here to do printmakiking for two months in total. I have agreed with myself NOT to paint. ONLY to print, which I have not done since elementary school. It is going fairly well. I like to emerge myself in drawing and then transfer them to dry point. My head is spinning. Both from being exhausted (before coming here I had two exhibitions, three performances and one outdoor public commission in three weeks) and from reflecting. My mind has the sound of a washing machine. What a joy to find Marina Abramovich’ Memoir, which I have now read from page to page. After reading this my conclusion on my own life and art is that everything I love I am questioning (The upside of this is that I used to fight against it)


Abramovich does not seem to question any of her doings.
I wonder how.