MAY 1 – JUNE 12

Snapshot captured few minutes after completing the live wallpainting

Drøschler created a live painting directly on the wall during the private view of the group exhibition Transparens. Everything is so volatile. Both the creation of the painting, which only took an hour and a half, and the duration of the painting. At the end of the exhibition it is painted over.

It is a typical gesture for Drøschler to address the painting as a performative act rather than an object which is meant to last for centuries. In these type of performative paintings she is trying to embrace her strong interest for the Etruscan tombs in Italy. In these wall paintings were created as part of a ritual, once the ritual was finished the tomb was blocked with a big stone, and the painting was no longer possible to access it again.

Drøschler finds this way of addressing the painting as an important method to bring into our contemporary awareness, as she believes that we are living in a time which is so volatile. We need to embrace the beauty of each current moment, rather than holding on to both objects, people and ambitions. As it says in a title in one of her other exhibitions: ‘We Are Here Just For A Moment’