Holger Danske

Holger Danske needs to wake up now

Public painting commission
Elsinore, Denmark

Press Release

Mia-Nelle Drøschler is a contemporary artist who experiments and expands ideas based on existentialism. On the mural, Drøschler has painted the Danish legend Holger Danske, about whom it is written that he will wake up when the Danes need him. He is now awake, as Drøschler thinks it is time to get help from all the legends and heroes we can think of. The world is no longer the same. But we are all one and we have to stand shoulder to shoulder to go through the rapid transformation of the world. Holger Danske can bring us together. Drøschler grew up in the nearby area of ​​Vapnagård. By bringing his own history into this mural together with portraits of local people and scenes from Helsingør, Drøschler brings together a subjective and collective mindset in the artwork.

The painting was carried out on both walls inside a tunnel; Length 22 meter, height; 3,50 meter

The project is kindly supported by The Danish Cultural Government and The Art Council.