elsk elsk elsk

Published by Forlaget Silkefyret 2022 (DK)

love love love thematizes inner conflicts, self-destruction, bad finances and conflict with the art world.

love love love! Is a hybrid work that mixes poems and illustrations, written and drawn by visual artist Mia-Nelle Drøschler. After 23 years in European cities, Drøschler moved to the countryside a year ago to a disused country house with a dream to write and continue making art. Now the stilettos from the red carpet in London have been replaced by clogs in the kitchen garden at Jungshoved in Denmark. In the poems, the reader meets her for vernissage, in her relationship and in her studio, where an inner critical voice continues to stand in the way of what might be within reach: love and success.

Uddrag fra bogen (DK)

hans læber hænger i ansigtet


jeg slår slalom imellem ord

hører ikke hvad han siger

med ryggen mod væggen

står jeg i en henrettelse

han peger på mig med sin næse

udstående øjne

jeg ved jeg skal løbe


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Cover: Illustration by Mia-Nelle Drøschler. Graphic design by Katrine Bønsøe

Published the publisher Muusmann, January 2023

Lær at male is a practical manual that shows you everything you need to know to achieve impressive results quickly with your paintings.

Visual artist Mia-Nelle Drøschler goes through five crucial steps to prepare and execute a good painting. The approach to painting here is so simple that even a beginner with the book in hand can get down to business with original and exciting paintings.

Each chapter has practical information on technique and equipment and includes a rich image gallery of professional work to spark your creativity. The book contains 40 exciting painting exercises based on either photography, reality, memory or imagination.

The motifs cover all types of subjects, e.g. landscapes, still life, people, flowers, animals, furniture, waves and buildings, so there is something for everyone. This unique book allows you to find your very own personal style by following the step-by-step manual.

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