Erased Landscapes #4 / Oil on unstreched canvas / 200 cm x 160 cm / 2023

Art & Writing

Mia-Nelle is a Danish artist and writer with a high sense of creative exploration and experimentations. With a remarkable versatility that spans painting, sculpture, drawing, performance, and the written word, Mia-Nelle crafts an interdisciplinary landscape where art and literature harmoniously intersect.

In Mia-Nelle’s artistic realm, every stroke of the brush, each sculpture’s contour, and the intricate lines of her drawings serve as a gateway into the intricate tapestry of human existence. Her creations are not just a visual feast but a profound journey into the senses. By weaving together color, form, and narratives, she opens a portal to a world where every emotion and experience takes on a tangible, evocative form.

Mia-Nelle’s work is a spiritual quest. It’s a quest to unearth deeper meanings, exploring the very essence of human existence and its intrinsic connection with nature. Her canvases breathe with the profound relationship between the individual and the environment, often leaving viewers with a heightened sense of self and an enriched understanding of the world around them.

Mia-Nelle’s passion for art and writing transcends her individual practice. She is a revered mentor, sharing her wisdom and insights with aspiring artists through masterclasses in art and painting. Her warm guidance and nurturing approach have made her a beloved figure in the art community, fostering a new generation of creators who are eager to explore their own unique paths

Installation view / Gammelgard 2023 / Sculpture and paintings

Installation view
udstillingsstedet (dk)
Sculpture, flowers, recordplayer

Polarid : Mia-Nelle Drøschler at Forfatterforeningen 2023
The Danish Writers Association with her selection of poetry and drawings ‘elsk elsk elsk’ published at Forlaget Silkefyret (DK)