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Wallpainting ‘AN OPENBOOK’
Private commission, Copenhagen, 2019

Created at a writers home just next to her desk where she writes.
A book is floating underneath her desk.







Künstlerhause Bethanien, Berlin
Residency Autumn 2018








invitation1< Poster from exhibition

It Is All About Me consisted of a sitespecific wall painting carried out inside an empty swimmingpool over the period of three days, and 12 paintings installed in the upper gallery space.

Further, a 20 minutes performance took place during the private view. The artist was dancing with her fictional twin sister, followed by a reading.

All the works were centered around memory. Motifs carefully chosen from the artists childhood visits at her Grandmothers, who was working as a cleaner at a castle, to her visit in the rainforest in Borneo.

All united in colorfull expressive gestures in a mystery and even at times absurd spaces, referring to the collective memory being collective ghosts in a playful mind.

Watch Youtube video here


My Dreams
Museum Sophienholm, DK
January and February 2018

5For Norske Huset, being a part of the Danish Museum Sophienholm, Drøschler created to this date her biggest art installation.

In three rooms she made a total tranformation, covering the wall with carefully chosen colors, and hand painted the floor in a chess pattern. In the first room she arranged a stuffed animal in an old fireplace, in the largest room, she set the table for a teaparty for two. Every element was handpainted or sewn. In between teacups and plates were 12 ceramic sculptures placed. Curtains and plastic plants, and of course a series of new paintings, made the atmosphere complete, and leaving the spectator with a feeling of being a direct part of one big painting. In the third room a plinth with artificial flowers next to old photographs of the artists dead relatives gave a nostalgic and disturbing feeling.

Further, the Norske Huset used to be a recidency for Danish famous writers such as H.C. Andersen. The artist therefore had written a text which was played out in speakers, exactly where the writers used do their writings.  The exhibition had a profound feeling of both the history of the place, as well as the history of the artist.

Five performances were carried out over the period of four weeks.



My Roots In Growth
Sophienholm, DK

EXHIBITIONS03For the group show ‘Corner 2016’ Drøschler created a sitespecific painting directly in the museum’s wall. A colorfull and sublime fantasty landscape occured, while on the opposite wall a demon was installed on a traditional canvas. The wall was painted dark grey.

The wall painting was deleted at the end of the exhibition period, leaving the spectator with a glimpse of paradise, having a demon looking over their should. A moment they could not return to, but in their memory.

Installation view - My Roots In Growth - Sophienholm - 2016_____

A Tribute To Life
The Danish Institute in Rome

Wall painting
600 cm x 220 cm
Acrylic on MDF

DetailA sitespecific painting was carried out during Drøschler’s two months recidency at The Danish Institute in Rome.

She created the painting with the intention of destroying it when she was leaving. The director convinced her to wait for a year to do so. Drøschler agreed to this. But after a year the artist ‘felt sick to her bone’ destroying this piece of art. She did not understand why, as ah had done it many times before. As she was about to send an email to The Danish Institute in Rome to notify them that she was not going to destroy it after all, and that she would give them the painting as a gift, they sent her an email before hand.

The painting had fallen down, and was not destroyed.

She then travelled to Rome, not to destroy it, but to repair it.

The story is in the proces of being published.


We Are Here (Just For A Moment)
Sophienholm, DK

Total painting installation
One wall painting 600 cm x 230 cm
Two videos
Found objects
Two smaller wall paintings

We Are Here (Just For A Moment) / Sophienholm 2017The first time Drøschler made an installation in Norske Huset, being part of the Danish Museum Sophienholm, was in 2017.

She created a large scale painting directly on the wall in the big room. In the first room a video was on, interviewing the climate expert Mette Nedergaard about climate changes. The images were exrays of swans swimming in a sea. In the third room a video was played interviewing a church clerk Svenn, who was reflecting upon faith.

We Are Here (Just For A Moment) / Sophienholm 2017
We Are Here (Just For A Moment) / Sophienholm 2017


The Bird
Viborg Art Festival, DK

Outdoor paintings
Curated by Skowgaard Museet, Viborg Kunsthal and NB.
500 cm x 500 cm
Acrylic on MDF

Over a two weeks period Drøschler was invited
to create a large scale outdoor painting in front
of an audience, and along side nine
international artists.

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Under The Surface
The Sky Is Always Blue

Out door commision by Metro, DK

Wall painting
80 m x 220 cm
Acrylic on MDF


A New Beginning
Hellig Kors Church

Painting performance
Painting created during
a 50 minutes organ concert by
Marcel Gaul

More performances have been and will be followed.

See more here.


The Forest Within
ARCH402 Gallery, London

Seven paintings

Mia-Nelle Drøschlers first solo show after her graduation was taken place in Arch 402 Gallery in London.

The artist created a new body of paintings based on a journey to the rainforest in Borneo.

The exhibition was supported by The Danish Art Council and The British Art Council.

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