I always say that it is my art students who inspire me the most.

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I started teaching in art already when I was an art student myself. At the time an artist suggested me to run a workshop in art school as she saw a potential in me being a mediator.

Clearly I was very nervous at the beginning, but as soon as I was standing in front of the art students I felt a connection which has been a desire in me ever since. I love to bring out an awareness in the individual student about her og his own art practice setting it in to a both historical and contemporary context.

Over time, which is now more than ten years, I have facilitated a large number of art workshops in art schools, mentored many students to enter art academies across Europe as well as creating new opportunities in between contemporary art and institutions working with vulnerable people such as the The Danish Probation service working as an art facilitator working inside a prison.

It is a privilige to have the opportunity to connect directly with people who also are having a true passion for art, why I always say that it is my art students who inspire me the most.

Today I offer one-to-one mentor sessions online or in your studio. I live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark. I believe that this is the best way for you to progress in your art practice as we will build up a close dialogue about where your art.

I am a painter myself having painted in both oil and acrylic for twenty years. However, due to my degree in Fine Art from Goldmsmiths in London, ten years of experience teaching in Fine Art and a current practice in the contemporary art world my knowlegde and understanding go across all media.

Wishing to be accepted to an art academy?

I offer one-to-one mentor session for you who would like to enter an art academy.

If you would like to a one-to-oner mentor progress please send en email…

You have a serious art practice but feel stucked

To create art can be a lonely business…. hours and hours in the studio, ambitions.

How do you become a mentee?

If you would like to start a one-to-one art mentor session please send an email to contactmianelle*gmail*com with about

– why do , attach four examples of your art works and your expectations on having a mentor.

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