I am trying not to be all the things inside me

75.000,00 kr.

Title: Another me
Size: 200 cm x 280 cm
Material: Oil on MDF
Year: 2022

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The painting is part of a series called ‘Die Innerer Klang’.

I am inspired by the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky who claims that color on the painter’s palette evoke a double effect: a purely physical effect on the eye which is charmed by the beauty of color, similar to the joyful impression when we eat a delicacy. This effect can be much deeper, however, causing a vibration of the soul or an “inner resonance”—a spiritual effect in which the color touches the soul itself.

Inner necessity is, for Kandinsky, the principle of art and the foundation of forms and the harmony of color. He defines it as the principle of efficient contact of the form with the human soul.