My name is Vera. I believe that we are living in a time of FEAR. FEAR makes us do and think things which are not good for us nor our surroundings. I witness FEAR everywhere I go, in the local grocery shop, in the news, in family homes. FEAR leads to anger, and creates a lot of conflict. Both inside ourselves and with people we live, work and meet.

I believe it is time to create a space where we can reflect upon FEAR.
What are you truly afraid of?

At my 44th birthday I would like to invite you to my private flat in Copenhagen. Here you will be kindly asked to sit in a waiting room before I lead you to a smaller room where you can share your FEAR with me. I will call the Universal Power to help us guide you through your FEAR, or other challenges you may have. Anything from the past, present or future can be reflected upon. In this reflection I will use my Third Eye to guide you.

I am also using my Third Eye to create images and objects. You can follow the process here or on my Instagram account.

Bookings for appointments will be open at the end of February 2022. It is possible to book from March 1 to March 6. Please set a side an hour for your visit. Further information will come.

Kind regards,


Vera is a fictive persona performed by Mia-Nelle Drøschler. Drøschler is a contemporary artist who through different personas creates paintings, installations, performances, drawings, sculpture and text. Drøschler is not diagnosed with schizophrenia, but she believes that the world is suffering from a collective mental disease where multiply personalities and nations are self destructive. In her work she adresses themes such as fear, longing and spirituality to create awareness of an inner being. The world needs to heal. The healing starts within.


Here I am sharing my diary notes and artworks I am creating while I prepare the waiting room. I consider to install some or all my artworks in the waiting room. But they need to be in a high quality. Very often I have been sitting myself in a waiting room before going into a doctor or psychologist. It can be very upsetting to look at a bad poster design on the wall or reading poorly flyers about my health. I am truly trying not to be arrogant about what I see, but it is difficult not to have a reaction to such ugly elements when I am in a vulnerable situation. So, I am seeking to create artworks and words which are relevant to the eye, mind and soul when sitting there waiting. It is not easy.


Written by Vera / December 15, 2021


Vasketøjet blafrer under det gamle egetræ. Mit gamle egetræ. Jeg ejer det, og jeg ejer den jord, hvori rødderne stikker langt ned. Jeg forstår ikke hvordan det er sket, det er ikke mere end syv år siden jeg kun ejede en kuffert med 20 kg og ikke ikke havde et sted at bo. Jeg var i dyb gæld.

For et halvt år siden flyttede jeg ind på en gul gård med blå vinduer og døre. Det ser meget romantisk ud.

Ikke kun er jeg kommet tættere på jord, jeg er også kommet tættere på himmel, der er meget af begge dele, og her er næsten ingen mennesker. Det passer mig godt. For jeg kan ikke finde ud af mennesker. Jeg kan ikke finde ud af arbejde. Jeg kan ikke finde ud af økonomi. Jeg kan ikke finde ud af hverdagens vasketøj, jeg er bange for det river sig løs og blæser væk.

Til gengæld kan jeg finde ind i Universets Kraft. Det river mig med i sin store styrke, jeg mærker den banke i mit blod, især når jeg står i mellem de fem unge birketræer ved mosen. Her gynger trætoppene mere end i det gamle egetræ, det gamle egetræ er for tungt til sådan at lade sig rive med af vinden. Jeg lader mig rive med af mit blod der siver usynligt ud igennem min hud, blodet er i ét med jorden. Her mangler jeg ingen ting, jeg er alting, så uendelig lille og blot en mikroskopisk lille plet på et stykke bark.


The laundry flutters under the old oak tree. My old oak. I own it, and I own the land in which the roots protrude far down.

Half a year ago I moved into a yellow courtyard with blue windows and doors. It looks very romantic.

Not only have I come closer to earth, I have also come closer to heaven, there is a lot of both, and here are almost no people. It suits me well. Because I can not find out people. I can not figure out the work. I can not figure out finances. I can not figure out everyday laundry, I’m afraid it will tear loose and blow away.

In return, I can find in the Power of the Universe. It tears me away in its great strength, I feel that knock in my blood, especially when I stand in between the five young birch trees by the bog. Here the treetops swing more than in the old oak, the old oak is too heavy to be carried away by the wind. I get carried away by my blood that seeps invisibly through my skin, the blood is in one with the earth. Here I lack nothing, I am everything, so infinitely small and just a microscopic little spot on a piece of bark.