“I am a painting geek. I love the fact that the very first paintings known to mankind are carried out directly on the walls inside caves. Later it was an important aspect of religion as seen in thousands of churches across many beliefsystems, also carried out directly on walls, ceilings and floors. I am truly fascinated by this, that the painting is a direct part of its context. For the past four years I have spent months in Rome and Italy to research on the sitespecific paintings. Based on both my fascination and research I carry out wall paintings myself, including two public permanent sitespecific paintings commisions in Denmark (2019 and 2020), as well a number of monumental wallpaintings inside and outside art institutions.”


Detail of permanent sitespecific wallpainting commission for Elsinore Council, Denmark 2020.
Skælskør, 28. august 2019: Udsmykning i tunnel under Norvejen – Mia-Nelle Drøschler, Visual Artist © Lars Rønbøg
Wallpainting inside an empty swimmingpool / Gallery Rozart, DK / 2018
Wallpainting / Museum Sophienholm, DK / 2017 / Photographer Alice Hjorth

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