Installation view Sophienholm 2020 / Photographer Trine Berg

In my most recent series of work Angles and Demons  I have been seeking to unfold my personal experiences from my spiritual practice by using elements from meditation and visualisation. This process has resulted in an abstract visual language. I have dissolved the figurative, more or less, and arrived at what I at the moment like to refer to as a “poetic potential” in the painting. 

I am particularly inspired by the Swedish artist Hilma Af Klint in both her method and final artworks. Hilma Af Klint  was an artist who considered her early abstract works as a form of messages that her spiritual guides channelled through her, and in which she herself acted as a medium for higher forms of consciousness. Even though Hilma Af Klint’s life and work dates back more than a century, I believe in the importance of her work in a contemporary context. She has recently gained international acknowledgement with major art exhibitions such as ‘Abstract Pioneer’ at Louisiana in Denmark (2014). I see it as a statement; to show that art can be made out of spiritual matter, and that there is a growing need within contemporary art today to reaffirm this urge. An urge for the centrality of man with all its criticality and complexity, in the search for a spiritual dimension.


Sophienholm 2020


During my residency at Bethanien in Berlin in 2018 I created a series abstract expressionistic paintings. As part of my method I travel to expand my language in painting, why I for this project only had focus on experimenting on the abstract. It was kindly supported by The Danish Artcouncil and Montana.

Selection of paintings from 2010-2019

Previous the series Angles And Demons where I am seeking to unfold a poetic potential in my paintings, I have for years been occupied with the expressionistic narrative painting. This is a brief display of a selection created over the past decade. 

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