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Painting installation / My Dreams / Museum Sophienholm, dk / 2018

In the old building Norske Huset at museum Sophienholm, I was giving the opportunity to create a painting installation in three rooms. I decided that all surfaces and found objects should be covered with paint. I painted the walls. I painted the floor in a chess pattern. I set a teatable painting the chairs, cups and plates, and arranged a number of ceramic sculptures among them. I hung paintings on the walls. I did a performance reading a text about me visiting my grandparents home. They were living in a castle as cleaners, and I revisited my childhood imagination from the exotic castle rooms while following them during their work hours. In my mind the paintings and the furnitures all had a life of them own. 
Norske Huset was an ideal place for me to set this scenegraphic painting installation, as it used to be the venue for writers such as H.C Andersen who used it as a retreat. My reading was therefore constantly played in speakers during the exhibition. My intention was to bring together the past of the location with my own past allowing the spectators to  fully immerse themself in a tactile, weird and slightly disturbing art installation.

The exhibition was kindly supported by The Danish Art Council and Dyrup





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