ThESE NOTES ARE dedicated to my many students who over the years have inspired me greatly, by being honest with themselves and with me in the process of creating. 


# Paint a landscape, a portrait, a stilleben, something abstract or anything in between.

# Suggestion for motif no 1. 

# Suggestion for motif no 2. 

# Suggestion for motif no 3. 
A grapefruit.

# Suggestion for motif no 4
Trust your own ideas. Not mine.

# Do not dwell on the idea that painting is dead for too long.
Peter Doig. Ceciliy Brown. Tal R. Gerhard Richter. Marlene Dumas. Elizabeth Peyton. Anselm Kiefer. Chris Ofili. Keith Tyson. Jonathan Meese. And many more are still very much alive. 

# Listen.

#Listen again.

#Listen again.
Your heart beats.
You are alive.
It is a privilege to paint. 
So paint, 
in between your heart beats
And listen again. 
It is a lot closer that
what you may think.

#Have a break from thinking and painting
Personal I prefer to relax by watching Netflix and ‘Sons Of Anarchy’, why I very often  refer to scenes from popular culture.
It is OK. 
I am just a human being.
And I like burgers too.
As well as Brad Pitt.


# This is your future if not your present 


1. Make a sketch.
2. Plan your color.
3. Transfer the sketch to the canvas (or what ever element you may find suitable).
4.Fill in the fields and the gaps. 
5.You will repeat this till you die.
6.So you may as well enjoy it. 

# Rinse your brushes regularly and have a cup of coffee.

# Don’t be in a relationsship.
And if you do, please make sure your partner fully appreciates how much time you are spending in your studio.
It takes a lot of time. 

# Have a selection of 12 different sizes of brushes and use them all on the same canvas. 
Mark making is the best thing in the universe. 

# Go within, but please come out again when needed.

# Go and look at paintings till you are sick.
Then go and look at some more. 

#Listen again. 
To yourself.
You have a voice.
I would like to see it.
On a sqaure in front of you.
The painting is just that.
A square.
Nothing more.
And so much more. 

# Suggestion for motif no 5.
A car with no cat inside it.

# Suggestion for motif no 6
A cat with a car inside it.

# Suggestion for motif no 7.
A lobster in a shirt running over a field followed by a mad murderer who has a twin who is also running after the lobster with the sea in the back ground and a black sky with purble stars.

Or some flowers.
It is OK to paint flowers.

# Suggestion for motif no 8.

# Suggestion for motif no 9.
Be good to your self.
Also when it hurts.
It can hurt to paint.
But try to remember it is merely a square.

# What is important to you?

# This is not notes from a self-help book.
These are notes from an experienced painter
living a life
at the same time
you live your life.

# Follow you passion and dreams with your eyes wide open to reality.
This is still not notes from a self-help book.

# Yes, acrylic paint is as good as oil paint.
Yes, oil paint is as good as acrylic paint.

# Do not fear the canvas.

# Suggestion for motif no 9. 
Skin shaped as a chair and call it “Sitting Down”


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