Over the period of seven days Drøschler created an outdoor
public commission inside a tunnel for Slagelse Council, DK located in
Total length: 27 meter on each side.

It was official opened on August 30, 2019 by the mayor John Dyrby
followed by a poetic reading by Drøschler during the music of Gypsy Of God.

In Drøschlers own words then it was all quite overwhelming:

Namely because of the locals being such a big part of the proces as
they every day came to talk about glasses, God and everything in

I started to use their many stories in the motifs, focusing on the
nature they kept on showing me by pointing towards the lake the
tunnel is placed next to, or showing me their roses in their garden (I
actually went there to see them) or by giving me photos they had
captured of the wildlife.

In the center of the tunnel I painted the words:

I Am Trying Not To Be Here

Photos by © Lars Rønbøg

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Please click on the images below to see documentation of the two walls inside the tunnel.

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Newspaper as seen on my friends kitchen table

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