Installation view of the film ‘Svenn’

Internet version of the film ‘Svenn’ / Duration 30:55 min. / 2017









In January 2017, I have been invited to create a large scale site-specific installation in the ‘Norwegian House’
at Sophienholm, as a guest exhibitor at the artists’ association Corner’s annual exhibition. The title is WE ARE
HERE (JUST FOR A MOMENT) and is based on my current study of climate change and faith.

In two personal interviews with climate expert Mette Nedergård and help minister Svenn Hove, I ask questions
regarding facts about the Earth’s present and future climate state, alongside asking about what faith has of
meaning in a world that according to Nedergård scientifically proved is entering an era that will be affected by
major weather instability. Floods, droughts and storms will be in much greater influence on the world than seen
so far, and have major consequences for humanity. I’m curious on how a belief in God stands in relation to these
enormous changes.

The exhibition will consists of two art films and a large mural.
One film is with Nedergård who for eleven years has been a climate expert at the WWF.
The second film is conversations with Hove, which will also be a soundtrack to a black and white footage of his
verger work of the Holy Cross Church, where he is responsible for the daily maintenance, such as cleaning, alongside
having a great personal commitment to proclaim the words of the Bible to the congregation. Both are charismatic
personalities, and both films are in the same room where they can be seen individually, but also act as a comment
on the other’s form and content.

A large mural is painted directly on a wall and deleted by end the of the exhibition, by painting it over. As in my
previous site-specific wall paintings, I explore the idea of the ‘eternal painting’, by giving it a limited experience
period. This is also a comment on the changes we are facing as Earth’s climate changes. According to Nedergård
the nature we are currently experiencing as overwhelming and infinite will come to an end. It will stop. The state
of the nature as seen today are impermanent, like the mural is perishable. The mural for for this exhibition can be
experienced during the exhibition period, after which it is impossible to return to it, just as it is with the nature we
know today.

The exhibition is supported by The Danish Artcouncil.



In the Norwegian House there was originally held
celebrations and pastoral moments. Writers also
came here to immerse themself in the
tranquility to write lyrics with a strong sense of
survivability. Sophienholm has in more recent
years given the Golden Key to The Norwegian House
to a prominent poet or writer.