Artist Statement – MIA-NELLE DRØSCHLER

I graduated from Goldsmiths Fine Art in London in 2010, and have  exhibited at art
institutions in England, Scotland, Germany and Denmark.

In my varied and diverse approach to creating art; mural, painting, text,
performances and installation, I explore creating spaces, a space in the picture, a
concrete space and a mental space in which I examine an inner psychological
picture-space, often with references to my own history and memories.

In many works, the inspiration comes from my own dreams as I see them when I
am awake again. I am preoccupied with the psychological, the subconscious and
the culture that is referenced in ‘inner cinema’.

In many of the works lyric is an active part, but the works are almost always based
on myself. However, the self-centered becomes the collective as the spectator
reflects his og her own life and emotions in the works.

In my current project I carry out a series of paintings where I explore ‘the poetic
potential of the painting’. They have evolved from a more direct narrative and
figuration, to a greater tension between the abstract and the figurative, where the
narrative is not as dominant as seen in previous paintings.

The direct narrative, however, I investigate in my black and white drawings, which I
create alongside the ‘poetic painting’. This includes the lyrical both as titles and as
longer text for the individual drawing. I read this text dressed up as one of my alter
egos in my performances next to my paintings, or in my installations.