Mia-Nelle Drøschler holds a degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths,
University of London (2010)

For the past three years she has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark,
after six years in the UK. Drøschler has participated in a number of
group and solo shows in Denmark, England and Scotland. She has
been honored by the British Art Council (2010) and the Danish Art
Council (2010, 2012, 2016, 2017) Queen Ingrid’s Roman Fund (2016, 2017)
Montana Kunstfond (2015, 2016) and is a member of BKF. 


Artist Statement

I am a painter

In my work I explore the area between the conscious and the unconscious.
A fantastic dreamland occurs in images of the forest, landscapes, trees,
plants and the human body. I strive to create a tension between chaos and
harmony. A paradox between harmonious compositions, with an underlying
disturbing atmosphere. Color and motif can at first glance seem alluring and
seductive, but the disturbing and sinister lurking beneath the surface creeps
forward as the spectator is looking at the work. Therefore, my work has a touch
of doom; a solution of a landscape without gravity.

Painting and collage are my main media, but also text and the site-specific
painting and collage are my practice. I am very driven to ‘push’ the painting
physical boundaries to be a direct part of the space and context, creating a
total painting installation experience.

It is especially this context between image and space, which I so ardently
examine and experiment with at this current moment

I am a writer
I do also write narrative poetry.
For a few years my texts have only been manifested as performative readings, as I
am interested in giving the words a physical body in a physical space.
Over time a body of work has arisen from this method, which I am currently in
the process of having published.